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Taiwanese veteran shares kaoliang health and beauty tips

2017/12/07 19:43:27

Wang Chung-chuan (王忠泉, center) and Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. Chairman and General Manager Chang Ming-jen (張鳴仁, right)

Kinmen, Dec. 7 (CNA) A Taiwanese veteran, aged 115, who consumes kaoliang liquor paired with garlic every day, was invited to share his health and beauty secrets Tuesday in Kinmen County, according to Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor (KKL) Inc.

Chang Ming-jen (張鳴仁) KKL's chairman and general manager, who is also known as Dennis Chang, said he invited Wang Chung-chuan (王忠泉) to KKL's factory to share his secret after recently seeing him on media programs saying that he only drinks KKL produced Kaoliang Liquor.

When Wang arrived, he was not what people had expected from a centenarian. He was hale and hearty, his face was rosy red and his voice boomed.

Wang was born in 1902 and graduated from Whampoa Military Academy, the predecessor of the Republic of China (ROC) Military Academy, established in 1924 by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the founding father of the ROC.

Drinking kaoliang with garlic can detoxify the body and boost immunity, said Wang, who explained that it is the main reason he remains so energized.

Garlic detoxifies and refreshes the body while also helping with beauty and blood circulation, he said.

Pairing garlic with kaoliang allows the blood to absorb the garlic better, he added.

Firstly, prepare a bowl of crushed garlic and place it in a glass, fill the glass with Kinmen Kaoliang and then stir with chopsticks, said Wang as he demonstrated how to make his favorite drink.

Wang Chung-chuan (王忠泉) demonstrates how to make a drink with kaoliang and crushed garlic

He said there was no need to soak and marinate the garlic as the drink works best when consumed immediately before bedtime.

Kaoliang liquor is a type of distilled Chinese liquor made with fermented sorghum, ranging from 38-63 percent in alcohol content. It is an important product of Kinmen County.

(By Huang Heui-min and William Yen)