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Anti-gay marriage groups cry foul over Constitutional Court ruling

2017/05/24 22:55:17

Taipei, May 24 (CNA) Groups opposed to gay marriage in Taiwan protested Wednesday against a Constitutional Court ruling on same-sex marriage, accusing the grand justices of dereliction of duty and infringement on legislative authority.

The groups called for the Control Yuan to launch an investigation into the grand justices that examined the case, claiming they had colluded with pro-gay marriage groups to give a constitutional interpretation in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage.

Earlier in the day, the court said in its ruling that the Civil Code provisions that do not allow same-sex marriage are unconstitutional and it asked the government to amend the relevant laws within two years to ensure the marriage rights of gay couples.

Tseng Hsien-ying (曾獻瑩), a representative of the Happiness Alliance, said her group will seek to recall legislators who ignore the public's voice and proceed with such legislation.

The Happiness Alliance will also push for a referendum on gay marriage, she said.

Meanwhile, Pastor Deborah Hsing said the Taipei City government had crossed the line on family values when it filed a request for a constitutional interpretation on the issue without holding any public hearings beforehand.

In similar vein, Andrew Chang (張守一), secretary-general of the Family Guardian Coalition of Taiwan Religions, said Wednesday's ruling was nothing but a farce and a blot on Taiwan's judicial history.

Chang said his group will not rule out the possibility of seeking another constitutional interpretation on same-sex marriage.

Shih Chun-yu (施俊宇), a Fu Jen Catholic University student and head of the Protection of Family Value Students Organization, said the justices had abused their rights by tampering with the definition of marriage.

The ruling is a huge setback for democracy, Shih said, likening it to the 911 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York in 2001.

(By Yu Hsiao-han, Chen Chi-chung and Lee Hsin-Yin)