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Vietnamese woman on immigration list deported

2017/01/11 19:24:38

The photo has nothing to do with the story. (Photo courtesy of National Immigration Agency)

Taipei, Jan. 11 (CNA) A Vietnamese woman who was on Taiwan's immigration control list was deported Wednesday, dashing her hope of getting married in Taiwan to her Taiwanese boyfriend.

The 30-year-old woman, identified only by her family name of Nguyen, arrived at Taichung International Airport from Ho Chi Minh City the previous day. Immigration officers took notice of her after she was seen acting nervously.

The officers found that the woman had previously entered Taiwan in 2014, using a travel document she received from a brokerage firm.

However, apart from her passport and visa, all her personal information was false, and she worked in Taiwan under this false personal information.

The woman surrendered herself to the authorities and left Taiwan in September 2016, after she overstayed her visa and worked illegally. She was put on a control list barring her from entering again until 2021.

The woman claimed that she came to Taiwan this time to get married to a Taiwanese man she met while working in Taiwan.

She was deported for violations of the nation's Immigration Act.

(By Liao Jen-kai and Lilian Wu)