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New Taipei Wild bird midway house releases 3 crested serpent eagles

2015/11/17 14:12:48

(Photo courtesy of the New Taipei City Animal Protection and HEalth Inspection Office)

New Taipei, Nov. 17 (CNA) Three crested serpent eagles have been released into the wild by the Midway House of Wild Birds of New Taipei City after being treated and rehabilitated by veterinarians for nearly a month, a New Taipei agricultural official said Tuesday.

New Taipei Agriculture Department Commissioner Li Wen (李玟) said the three injured birds of prey were rescued by people from mountainous parts of Sindian and Sansia in October.

After being treated by veterinarians in the Agriculture Department's animal protection office, the birds were sent to the wild birds midway house for flight and hunting training.

Set up by the animal protection office, the Midway House of Wild Birds has four large cages for wild birds and five for raptors on a 600-square-meter property.

Li invited Liang Chieh-te (梁皆得), director of the documentary "The Phantom of the Forest -- the Black Eagle," to witness the release of the three raptors, and took the opportunity to recommend the 43-minute documentary, which will premiere on Nov. 20.

Li said the Agriculture Department has arranged a screening for environmental protection volunteers, in appreciation of their efforts in promoting ecological preservation.

He also urged people to contact the animal protection unit if they find injured wild birds so that the birds get the necessary medical treatment.

(By L.C. Su and Lillian Lin)