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Protests show people's lack of trust in Beijing: culture minister

2014/04/02 20:06:25

Taipei, April 2 (CNA) The voices that have emerged in Taiwan's cultural industry against a trade-in-services pact with China show a high level of distrust of Beijing, Culture Minister Lung Ying-tai said Wednesday.

Beijing needs to understand the message revealed through the recent social movement in Taiwan initiated by students to protest the government's handling of the controversial trade deal, Lung said. Otherwise, she warned, neither the pact nor a follow-up trade-in-goods agreement will lead to better ties between the two sides.

On the students' occupation of the Legislature's main chamber since March 18, Lung said the movement is highly organized but not well thought through.

The protests themselves are self-contradictory, as the students have chosen to take unlawful approaches in their demand for democracy, Lung said.

Democracy depends on rule of law in order to thrive, she said, explaining that the students' occupation of parliament and their vandalism has undermined their appeal.

The students' action has therefore made her feel both confused and concerned, Lung said.

The protesters should make clear the terms of the pact to which they object and provide their reasoning if they want to contribute to real discussions, she said.

Lung also urged the students to return the Legislature's main chamber to the lawmakers so that public affairs can be dealt with under formal and democratic mechanisms.

(By Lee Ming-tsung, Sabine Cheng and Lee Hsin-Yin)

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