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Taiwan-built resettlement village in Haiti to be inaugurated

2012/08/18 21:39:59

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Aug. 17 (CNA) A resettlement project in Haiti funded and built by Taiwan to house 1,000 people who lost their homes during a magnitude 7 earthquake in 2010 was set to be inaugurated Saturday, according to the construction firm that built the village.

Hope village, which includes housing for 200 families, an elementary school and a dormitory for the teaching faculty, is the first among all permanent shelter projects sponsored by the international community to be inaugurated, the Overseas Engineering & Construction Corp. (OECC) said.

Haiti's minister of foreign affairs and worship, Pierre Richard Casimir, was scheduled to attend the inauguration of the US$5.5 million project that was jointly sponsored by Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Red Cross Society of the Republic of China.

The village, located 230 km from the capital, Port-au-Prince, is equipped with a solar-powered lighting system and four water storage facilities, the OECC said.

Because of the poor road condition, OECC President Peter Jan said his company had to re-pave a road connecting the houses with the village's bathroom facilities to improve the living quality for the victims of the killer earthquake, which claimed 210,000 lives and displaced 1.5 million people.

The Taiwan Red Cross Society said it will continue to improve the water supply system for the community and will purchase school uniforms for the children of the village.

The OECC is a construction company formed by various Taiwanese syndicates to handle infrastructure projects funded by the ROC government in Haiti and Taiwan's other diplomatic allies.

(By Leaf Chiang, Chen Ching-fang and Jamie Wang)