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Bird groups want eco-friendliness, not casino, on Matsu

2012/07/10 20:18:45

Taipei, July 10 (CNA) The Matsu Wild Bird Federation and the Taiwan Wild Bird Federation called Tuesday on the Lienchiang county government, which administers Matsu, to make eco-friendliness a priority during the construction of aproposed resort and casino there.

Although there have been many concerns expressed regardingthe fate of the wildlife and environment in the area proposed forthe resort casino complex, a referendum among the island's residents in favor of the opening of Taiwan’s first legal casino passed July 7.

The two bird protection organizations said in a joint statementthat the central government must keep in mind at all times that thepriority for future development should be to maintain the wildlife and eco-friendliness of the community.

In addition to this, they also said the government should not allow the construction company, Weidner Resorts Taiwan, to alter thewider environmental surroundings in order to improve Matsu's transportinfrastructure and should simply accept that there are difficulties with traffic and transport on Matsu.

The pride of Matsu's residents of the island's scenery and theChinese crested tern that lives on the island must be retained, saidWang Chien-hua, Chairman of the Matsu Wild Bird Federation.

Both federations have expressed grave concern that once constructionbegins, it will be difficult to maintain the surrounding environment anddifficult to restore it in the future.

They appealed to the Lienchiang county government to take cautious steps when planning and constructing the complex.

Meanwhile, the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) expressed doubt about a promise made by Weidner Resorts Taiwan to upgrade the airport on Beigan Island to permit zero-visibility takeoffs and landings during foggy weather.

For this to be a possibility, the surrounding mountains would have to be leveled flat, which would be a major environmental protection concern, said the CAA.

(By Zoe Wei and I-Ling Chen)