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U.S. environmental specialists to share expertise in Taiwan

2012/06/22 18:01:44

Taipei, June 22 (CNA) Two U.S. experts who specialize in using plants to remedy environmental problems will speak at a seminar in Taiwan later this month, introducing green solutions to pollution and ecosystem protection, a government agency said Friday.

Steve Rock and James Landmeyer, experts in phytotechnology, have been invited to share their expertise at the seminar in Kaohsiung, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) said.

Phytotechnologies involve the use of plants to clean or contain contaminants in soil, sediments, and wastewater by capitalizing on the capacity of plants to absorb, degrade, extract or metabolize pollutants.

In contrast to conventional ways of environmental treatment, phytotechnologies have the added benefit of remedying environmental problems at a low cost and beautifying the contaminated sites at the same time, according to the EPA's Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Fund Management Board.

Plant-based treatment technologies, which are popular in the U.S. and Europe, will be a key area of work for the EPA, the board said.

The seminar will be held June 26-27 under the theme "Phytotechnologies as Remediation for Contaminated Sites."

(By Wei Yun-ling and Scully Hsiao)