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EPA expands measures to monitor pollutants discharged into water

2012/06/02 18:32:54

Taipei, June 2 (CNA) The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) said Saturday it will enhance measures to monitor levels of pollutants discharged into the sewage system by companies in science parks by adding ammonia nitrogen and dioxin to its list of regulated chemicals.

Ammonia nitrogen, once discharged into water, will result in the depletion of oxygen in the water, the deterioration of water quality and have a negative impact on certain aquatic organisms, said Hsu Yung-hsing, director of the EPA's Department of Water Quality, who added the EPA will introduce caps on the amounts that can be discharged.

The new regulations are necessary since studies show that the amount of ammonia nitrogen discharged by factories and makers of optoelectronic materials in science parks makes up 34 percent of the total amount of ammonia nitrogen discharged by the industry sector in Taiwan, Hsu said.

Different caps and grace periods will be applied to new and existing factories, with those with plans to trim levels allowed more time to adapt to the new regulations, Hsu said.

New manufacturers will be required to comply with the highest cap as soon as the regulations take effect, while existing manufacturers will be required to comply with a lower cap starting July next year.

Manufacturers will also be required to improve their waste water treatment facilities and will be expected to comply with discharge limits by 2017 at the latest, Hsu said.

The EPA will also set a cap on the level of dioxin discharged into waters by pulp makers, waste disposal plants and incinerators, Hsu said.

(By Zoe Wei and Scully Hsiao)