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Violators of paid leave rules subject to fines of NT$300,000

2012/05/29 20:42:31

Taipei, May 29 (CNA) The Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) urged enterprises Tuesday to grant workers paid leave according to the labor law and warned that those who fail to do so will face fines of up to NT$300,000 (US$10,128) per violation.

Workers who are employed by the same employer or business entity for a certain period of time are entitled to annual paid leave, said Chen Huei-ling, chief of the CLA's Department of Labor Conditions, citing the Labor Standards Act.

Under the act, "workers have the right to take paid leave after working for one same employer or business entity for one year," she said.

Chen also said that cracking down on such irregularities has been one of the major tasks of her department over the past several years.

Huang Wei-chen, a division chief of the department, pointed out that in the past two years, it has received an average of 10 complaints per month about companies depriving workers of paid leave by suspending their full attendance rewards or not granting workers their full entitlement of paid leave.

The number of complaints doubled in April and May, Huang said,

The official also noted that more small and medium-sized enterprises than large enterprises are prone to these irregularities.

"No business entity should try to deprive their workers of their legal rights," she said.

Those who find themselves unable to obtain their paid leave can call a CLA telephone hotline at 0800-085151 for help, she added.

(By Zoe Wei and Elizabeth Hsu)