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Taichung recruiting foster carers

2012/04/25 21:31:13

Taipei, April 25 (CNA) Taichung in central Taiwan is recruiting more local families to provide foster care and open their doors to children who need homes, the mayor said Wednesday.

A total of 160 children in the city need to be placed in foster care this year, but some foster care families have given up fostering because of moving, health concerns or high pressure, said Taichung Mayor Jason Hu.

Hu said during a recruitment drive that many families in the city have offered foster care, but he stressed that more are needed to allow needy children to grow up healthy and safe.

"It is good work," he said, adding that while he "welcomes" qualified parents to take part but, he was not "requesting" it.

Hu noted that couples who have been married for over two years and are aged between 30 and 65 with at least a junior-high school education level can receive training as foster carers. Candidates are also required to have stable incomes and sufficient living space.

Two families, with 18 years and nine years of fostering experience, respectively, also attended the event.

Chen Jui-yang and his wife Tsai Hsiu-hsia, who have provided foster care for almost two decades, said that since they both grew up in children's homes, they understand what those children have been through, which is why they decided to become foster parents.

Chen said their first foster child gave the family vitality and happiness, as the child got along with their own children very well.

Even though raising children is very difficult, Chen said, he has learned significantly from the process.

The couple has provided a home for about 15 children over the years.

(By Hao Hsueh-chin and Nell Shen)