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Former Ferrari Formula One chief promotes road safety in Taiwan

2012/04/13 16:53:40

Taipei, April 13 (CNA) International Automobile Federation (FIA) President Jean Todt was in Taiwan Friday to promote road safety and said it was up to everyone to reduce road fatalities.

Todt's visit is part of a 10-year plan launched by the association -- which is comprised of groups with over 60 million drivers from 132 countries -- to save 5 million people's lives over the next decade through road safety promotions as traffic fatalities mount.

According to Todt, 3,500 people, especially younger drivers, die on the road every day worldwide, and in 2010, accidents took 1.3 millionpeople's lives and injured 50 million others around the globe.

He appealed to all motorists to join the effort.

"Unless we intervene, this truly shocking rate will be continually climbing," said the former head of Ferrari's Formula One team, who estimated that by 2020, nearly 2 million people could be the victims of road fatalities.

Todt hoped to raise awareness of the issue among more people through FIA promotional campaigns and road safety videos, and he has also enlisted his partner, actress Michelle Yeoh, as an FIA road safety ambassador to help promote the cause.

The FIA is best known as the governing body of many motor racing circuits, including Formula One.

The event held in Taiwan Friday, organized by the Chinese Taipei Motor Sports Association and the Taiwan Automobile Federation, was one of many promotional activities to be held by the two bodies to inform the public on road safety rules and make sure they're followed, according to the groups.

(By James Lee)