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Taiwan team helps with search at Japan's quake-hit airport

2011/03/16 22:30:31

Tokyo, March 16 (CNA) A 28-member search and rescue team fromTaiwan on Wednesday helped comb Sendai Airport in Japan'snortheastern prefecture of Miyagi, which was seriously damaged by amagnitude 9.0 earthquake and ensuing tsunami on March 11.

The team members searched every level and corner of the airportterminal and ramp, but did not find any survivors, according to theteam's spokesman.

Braving snowy weather, the team also combed mass rapid transitstations, forests and ditches within one square kilometer of theairport, but to no avail.

The team arrived in Tokyo Monday and was assigned by Japanesepost-disaster relief authorities to help search at Sendai Airportstarting Wednesday.

It was working out of a sports park, along with other teams fromRussia, South Korea and Japan.

Earlier in the day, Taiwan's National Fire Agency rushed to theteam 55 hazmat suits, two radiation detectors and enough potassiumiodine tablets to last a week, amid escalating radiationrisks in the region.

The team was already carrying iodine tablets for emergency use,as a nuclear power plant in neighboring Fukushima Prefecture wasdamaged by tsunami waves that followed the devastating earthquake,but the additional equipment was deemed necessary because of anincreasing risk of dangerous levels of radiation from the crippledplant.

(By Mike Chang and Sofia Wu)
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