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Protesters enter Executive Yuan, extending occupation movement frontline

2014/03/23 21:51:08

Protesters launch sit-in inside the Executive Yuan. CNA photo March 23, 2014

Taipei, March 23 (CNA) Hundreds of students in a protest rally against a services trade pact with China entered the Executive Yuan Sunday evening, extending the frontline of a protesting rally that saw protesters -- mostly students -- occupying the nearby Legislature.

The protesters, who broke into the main building of the Executive Yuan, demanded President Ma Ying-jeou apologize, Premier Jiang Yi-huah step down and the government withdraw the pact from the Legislature, which is obligated to review the past.

They also demanded the government draft a bill to monitor cross-Taiwan Strait agreements.

A civil group, named Black Island-State Youth Frontline that issued the statement of the occupiers through e-mails on their behalf, declared that it did not initiate the new occupation.

It's all but a spontaneous act by the students, the organization said on its Facebook web site.

Now, hundreds of protesters gathered in the square of the Executive Yuan -- the top administration branch of the government -- which is located one block away from the occupied Legislature.

Reporters at the protest site said they spotted some protesting students storming into the square of the Executive Yuan compound , while a few of them climbing over a back door window to enter the main building.

Meanwhile, Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin called on the protesting students to calm down, while instructing city police to follow the National Police Agency's command, sparing no efforts to keep the Executive Yuan safe.

(By Liu Chien-pang and Elizabeth Hsu)

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[Demonstrators climb up to the second floor of the Executive Yuan building Sunday evening. CNA photo March 23, 2014]