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Envoy-designate vows to assist president on U.S. ties

2012/09/20 13:07:37

Taipei, Sept. 20 (CNA) King Pu-tsung, a long-time aide to President Ma Ying-jeou who has been appointed the country's next de facto ambassador to the United States, pledged Thursday to do his utmost to assist Ma in promoting ties with Washington.

King noted that U.S. relations are part of Taiwan's overall national policy agenda, comprising cross-Taiwan Strait relations, international ties and domestic politics.

"Since I've promised to return to the administrative team, I will cooperate fully," he said during an interview with UFO Radio, a local radio station.

Citing former American Institute in Taiwan Chairman Richard Bush, King said being a Republic of China president is not an easy job because it involves playing three interrelated games of chess -- China ties, foreign relations and domestic politics -- at the same time.

Although Taiwan-U.S. relations, as Bush has said, are at their best in 30 years, much work still remains to be done, King said, describing the coming two years as a "crucial period."

When participating in regional economic integration processes, Taiwan needs to pay attention to its cooperative and competitive relations with China, the United States, Japan and South Korea, he added.

(By Angela Tsai and Y.F. Low)