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U.S.' growing presence in Asia to create delicate role for Taiwan

2012/06/08 22:39:46

Taipei, June 8 (CNA) The United States' plans to increase its military presence in the Asia-Pacific region will force Taiwan to adopt a more delicate role between Washington and Beijing, according to a commentary published Friday by the Hong Kong-based China Review News Agency.

The article was responding to a statement by U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta at a security forum in Singapore on June 2 that Washington will deploy 60 percent of its naval forces in the Pacific Ocean by 2020, up from 50 percent at present.

In the article penned by Wen Rui, a Beijing commentator, he said Washington's decision will lead to an escalation of its tug-of-war with China, making Taiwan's position in the trilateral relationship more delicate.

With China's rapid development in recent years, the three parties have been in a fluid, unbalanced situation, Wen said, and he suggested that Taiwan play its cards cautiously between the two global powers.

Taiwan has become increasingly dependent on China while relying on the U.S. politically, indicated by growing arms sales from Washington, but Taiwan will need to show greater wisdom in the future as the competition between China and the U.S. heats up, Wen said.

Taiwan should avoid the areas where China and the U.S. clash because of their own interests, Wen suggested, while playing an active role in serving as a bridge for the two powers on issues in which they have a mutual interest, such as globalization and anti-terror efforts.

(By Kay Liu)