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U.S. congressman pushes for Taiwan advisory commission

2012/06/08 13:29:42

Washington, June 7 (CNA) An American congressman has introduced legislation proposing that an advisory commission be established in the legislative branch to review the implementation of United States policy under the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA).

According to the bill put forth by Rep. Robert Andrews of New Jersey, the commission will comprise of five members to be named by the president and leaders of the House of Representatives and Senate.

Within one year of the commission's first meeting, the commission should submit to Congress a report stating its findings and conclusions, including any recommendations to improve the implementation of U.S. policy under the TRA, the bill stipulates.

The areas for review by the commission will include the sufficiency of defense articles made available to Taiwan, current and potential threats to the security, social or economic system of the people on Taiwan, and policy options for the U.S. to advance toward a "normalization" of the relationship with Taiwan.

Commenting on the legislation proposed by the Democrat, Mark Kao, president of the Formosan Association for Public Affairs, a pro-independence Taiwanese-American organization, said the establishment of the commission is necessary because "there is increasing concern about whether the U.S. government is faithfully executing its obligations under the TRA."

For example, Randy Schriver, former deputy assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs, has identified the tendency of successive U.S. administrations to relegate relations with Taiwan to a "sub-issue in U.S.-China bilateral ties," he noted.

The TRA is the U.S. law that regulates relations with Taiwan in theabsence of formal diplomatic ties.

(By Jay Chou and Y.F. Low)