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More middle-aged men seek counseling

2012/06/01 23:23:51

Taipei, June 1 (CNA) The number of middle-aged men dialing an information hotline for counseling services has grown by 20 percent compared with a year earlier, according to recent statistics compiled by an Interior Ministry committee.

Most of the callers that called the Care for Males hotline in 2011 were middle-aged men that sought advice on subjects like children's education, domestic violence, marriage and emotional issues, said Li Mei-chen, the executive secretary of the ministry's Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Committee, on Friday.

The callers were categorized in accordance to whether they required general counseling, in-depth conversations, or emergency assistance, Li added.

Of the 21,481 recorded calls, only 50 percent were valid phone calls, the committee's statistics indicated.

The statistics showed the age of men dialing the hotline last year was mostly in the 41-50 age bracket, which accounted for 3,840, followed by 3,511 men who were 31-40 years old, and 1,573 who were in the 51-60 age bracket.

Calls from men in the 51-60 age bracket grew the most in 2011 by 36.74 percent compared with a year earlier, followed by those aged 41-50 that grew by 30.21 percent, the report showed.

In terms of occupation, the statistics showed most men that called were either jobless (2,702), temporarily employed (1,330) or working in the services sector (1,302).

The Care for Males hotline (0800-013-999) was established in 2004 by the committee to provide a channel for men to release their stress and face family conflicts rationally.

(By Tsai He-ying and C.J. Lin)