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Taiwan pledges continued adherence to '1992 consensus'

2010/08/12 13:31:26

Taipei, Aug. 12 (CNA) Taiwan will seek continued improvement ofrelations with China based on the "1992 consensus, " which has servedas the most important basis for the development of cross-TaiwanStrait relations, the Presidential Office said Thursday.

Office spokesman Lo Chih-chiang said that to Taiwan, theso-called "1992 consensus" means "one China, separateinterpretations."

"As to 'one China, ' we are referring to the Republic of China, "Lo said, highlighting Taiwan's difference with China on the contentof the "1992 consensus" and "one China."

Li Yafei, vice president of China's Association for RelationsAcross the Taiwan Straits, said on Wednesday that sticking to ananti-independence stance and the "1992 consensus" has allowed Taiwanand China to build trust and avoid confrontation over the past twoyears.

Li said the consensus means "separately verbalizing the 'oneChina' principle adhered to by the two sides of the Taiwan Strait."

Lo agreed that the "1992 consensus" has allowed the two sides toaccumulate trust and goodwill, saying that it eventually led themtoward reconciliation and cooperation.

The government will continue to follow the "1992 consensus" andthe policy of "no unification, no independence, no use of force" topursue cross-strait peace and prosperity, he said.

(By Lee Shu-hua and Y.F. Low)