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Taiwan reiterates sovereignty over archipelagoes

2010/07/29 22:29:29

Taipei, July 29 (CNA) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)reiterated Thursday the Republic of China's sovereignty over variousarchipelagoes in the South China Sea that have received muchattention in the international community lately.

In a press release, the MOFA said that no matter from whatperspective -- history, geography or international law -- the NanshaIslands (Spratly Islands), Shisha Islands (Paracel Islands), ChungshaIslands (Macclesfield Bank) , Tungsha Islands (Pratas Islands) , aswell as their surrounding waters and respective seabeds and subsoils,all consist of the inherent territory of the ROC.

"These archipelagoes without a doubt fall under the sovereigntyof the government of the ROC," it said.

Taiwan cannot accept any claim to sovereignty over, or occupationof, these areas by other countries or territories, it went on.

"Taiwan calls on countries bordering the islands to respect theprinciples and spirit of the Charter of the United Nations and theUnited Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, and to refrain fromadopting unilateral measures that might upset the peace and stabilityin the South China Sea," it said.

The ROC government reiterates that it upholds the basicprinciples of "safeguarding sovereignty, shelving disputes, peace andreciprocity, and joint exploration," according to the statement.

Taiwan also urges neighboring countries to exerciseself-constraint so that peaceful resolutions to South China Seadisputes can be reached through consultation and dialogue, it said.

"Taiwan remains willing to participate in dialogue aiming to formresolutions to disputes and promote regional peace, stability anddevelopment," the statement said.

(By Deborah Kuo)