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Taiwanese teen wins best young actor award at Minsk film festival

2018/11/07 22:21:21

Chung Chia-chun (鍾家駿, front, center) / photo courtesy of Swallow Wings Films

Taipei, Nov. 7 (CNA) Taiwan's Chung Chia-chun (鍾家駿) has won the Award for Best Young Actor at the Minsk International Film Festival in Belarus, the organizers announced Tuesday.

Chung, 14, the youngest actor to have won that award at the festival, stars in the movie "Long Time No Sea," directed by Heather Tsui (崔永徽).

He plays an aboriginal boy living on Orchid Island who decides to join a traditional dance troupe that takes him to Taipei where he reunites with his father whom he rarely sees.

The movie was filmed on Orchid Island -- a small island off the southeastern coast of Taiwan that is home to the Tao aboriginal tribe, of which Chung is a member.

Narges Abyar, a director from Iran, highly praised Tsui's work and Chung's acting.

Mentioning a scene in which the father and son are about to be separated, Abyar said Chung's performance was natural and heartfelt and deserves to be honored.

During the screening of the movie, the scenic views of Orchid Island and the Pacific Ocean drew exclamations from the audience in Minsk, the capital of the landlocked Belarus.

At a seminar after the screening, several young people said they were envious of the children of Orchid Island who had such easy access to the sea.

At the award ceremony, the chair of the film festival also lauded the movie, saying it transports the audience to a world they have never seen.

The film premiered internationally at the Tokyo International Film Festival that was held Oct. 25 to Nov. 3.

Chung has also been nominated for the best new performer award at the 2018 Golden Horse Film Festival that is scheduled for Nov. 17 in Taipei.

(By Cheng Ching-wen and Flor Wang)