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Taiwan Culture Festival to open in Hong Kong

2012/10/09 15:32:07

Taipei, Oct. 9 (CNA) The annual Taiwan Culture Festival will open in Hong Kong on Oct. 27 to give Hong Kong people a taste of Taiwanese culture through an array of music, films and arts events, Taiwan's cultural office in Hong Kong said Monday.

The two-month festival will feature Taiwanese theater, street dances, folk concerts and performances by Taiwanese singers and bands, such as aboriginal a cappella band O-Kai Singers, the Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Center said.

Blockbuster Taiwanese films and films from Taiwan's New Wave Cinema period in the 1980s, as well as digital art installations and multimedia art shows, will also be showcased at the festival.

In addition, the center will host workshops on Taiwan's independent bookstores and organize a green market that exhibits organic products and handicrafts from Taiwan.

Center director Lee Ying-ping said she hopes people from Hong Kong will gain a deeper and broader understanding of Taiwanese culture and lifestyles through the festival.

Meanwhile, to facilitate cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Hong Kong, the center said it has invited music, dance and performing arts groups from Hong Kong to perform and interact with the Hong Kong public and Taiwanese performers.

Lee said she hopes the festival "will not only be a simple event or a one-sided cultural export, but a mutual and interactive cultural platform between Taiwan and Hong Kong."

Now in its seventh year, the festival will take place in various venues across Hong Kong, including the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza.

(By Christie Chen)