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Over 20,000 bowls, dishes to be on display at new Yilan museum

2012/06/07 23:13:39

Taipei, June 7 (CNA) The Taiwan Bowl and Dish Museum is scheduled to open June 9 in Yilan County, giving visitors the chance to view over 20,000 pieces, both modern and ancient, from around the world.

The collection, which includes creations from the Ming and Qing dynasties, has been accumulated over the past 15 years by Chien Yang-tung, curator of the museum in Yuanshan Township.

Chien said he decided to open the museum in order to share his collection with the world, so other people can admire the artwork present in the pieces that he collected on trips around the world or in Taiwan.

Even though the older pieces may not look perfect, an intimate connection with the hard work of the previous generation can be felt through the imperfections, he said, adding modern production of plastic tableware has increased nostalgia for crockery used in the past.

He added that the feel of Taiwan is evident among the collection as a sense of good luck and blessings are conveyed through the symbolic designs of fish, lobsters, dragons and phoenixes.

In addition to these images, elegant plum blossoms, orchids and chrysanthemums from the South China Sea Islands adorn other pieces.

On the museum's first day, staff and the citizens of Yuanshan will gain free entry, while tourists will receive a 50 percent discount on the usual admission price of NT$120 (US$4), according to Chien.

Visitors to the museum will also be able to see a fish-shaped plate especially designed for the museum.

Measuring 3.8 meters in length, the plate will hang above the entrance to the museum to welcome visitors, the curator said.

(By Worthy Shen and I-Ling Chen)