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Cross-Strait Film Festival to kick off in June

2012/05/17 22:48:59

Taipei, May 17 (CNA) Moviegoers in Taiwan and China will have a chance to personally experience the differences in films made on thetwo sides at the upcoming Cross-Strait Film Festival.

Six films from China will be aired in early June in central Taiwan's Changhua County and in Taipei City, while six Taiwanesefilms will be aired in Xian and Baoji cities in China's Shannxi Province in mid-June, said Tuan Tsun-hsing, secretary-general ofthe festival's committee.

Tuan drew attention to China's decision to allow the airing of "Abba" and "Leaving Gracefully," in which characters speak in Taiwanese.

China usually bans the airing of films in Taiwanese, Tuan said, noting the decision is an indication that China is more open to films made in Taiwan.

"Abba" is a musical documentary about the life of Taiwanese popular singer Ang It-hong, while "Leaving Gracefully" is a film based on the true story of a loving husband who fulfilled his promise to bring his sick wife to see nature's beauty around Taiwan.

The six Chinese films to be aired in Taiwan include the romantic comedy "I Do," the romantic musical "Folk Songs Singing," the action-packed "Kora," the drama "The Spectacular Theatre," the romantic comedy "The Treaty of the Double Bed," and the comedy "Design Of Death."

Other Taiwanese films to be aired at the festival in China include the documentary "Formosa Dream, Disrupted" and drama films "Pick the Youth," "Bear it" and "The Next Magic."

(By Huang Hui-ming and Ann Chen)