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Taiwan provides e-learning program for Chinese language

2010/09/19 20:14:58

Taipei, Sept. 19 (CNA) Taiwan has released its official versionof an online learning program for traditional Chinese characters andan English version for those whose mother tongue is not Chinese, thecountry's top education agency said Sunday.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) said the new version features thestroke orders of 4,808 frequently used characters and the 37-symbol"bopomofo, " a Mandarin phonetic system used only in Taiwan, and theycome with audio files, helping students to learn traditional Chinesemore efficiently.

The new version updates a trial version that was released twoyears ago and has received 1.1 million hits since it was launched,the MOE said.

The new version will allow those who do not know traditionalChinese to use Hanyu Pinyin to search for characters, according tothe MOE.

Taiwan has long championed the use of traditional characterswhile China uses simplified characters, and the MOE said it hopesthis e-learning program can help people learn how to writetraditional Chinese characters correctly.

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(By Lin Si-yu and James Lee)