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Government-mediated pilot-airline negotiations taking place

2018/08/10 14:30:15

CNA file photo

Taipei, Aug. 10 (CNA) Negotiations between China Airlines (CAL), EVA Airways and their respective pilots took place Friday after the authorities intervened in their disputes that may lead to a strike.

The transportation ministry, labor ministry and Taoyuan City government urged the two sides to take passengers' rights into consideration and resolve the differences "in a rational manner."

CAL has sent six senior executives from its flight operations and human resources departments, while EVA Air's seven representatives come from flight operations, human resources and legal affairs departments.

The union is led by its chairwoman and EVA Air pilot Lee Hsin-yen (李信燕), as well as executive director and CAL pilot Chen Hsiang-lin (陳祥麟) in the negotiations.

Chen had said previously that the union is looking forward to meeting with top management, including CAL Chairman Ho Nuan-hsuan (何煖軒).

After CAL and EVA Air pilots voted overwhelmingly in favor of a strike over working hours and pay issues Tuesday, the Pilots Union Taoyuan said it will announce a strike date Aug. 20 if the country's two major airlines do not offer their pilots better working conditions.

Around 99 percent of CAL pilots and 97 percent of EVA Air pilots who cast ballots voted to strike in the wake of unsuccessful negotiations with management, according to union tallies.

(By Wang Shu-fen and Lee Hsin-Yin)