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Flights rescheduled due to Typhoon Talim

2017/09/13 20:14:20

Taipei, Sept. 13 (CNA) Although Typhoon Talim is not expected to have as big an impact on Taiwan as initially thought, several local airlines have rescheduled flights, while operation of the Taiwan High Speed Rail remains normal.

Taipei-based China Airlines (CAL) has canceled three flights -- CI-120/121 between the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Okinawa, CI-921 from Taoyuan to Hong Kong on Wednesday, and CI-922 from Hong Kong to Taoyuan on Thursday.

CAL has also moved up the departure of nine flights -- CI-032 from Taoyuan to Vencouver, CI-008 from Taoyuan to Los Angeles, CI-004 from Taoyuan to San Francisco, CI-002 from Taoyuan to Hawaii, CI-061 from Taoyuan to Frankurt, CI-063 from Taoyuan to Vienna and CI-051 from Taoyuan to Sydney.

The return of CI-124/125 between Taoyuan and Ishigaki Island has also been pushed back.

For detailed information, passengers should got to the CAL website at

Due to safety concerns, Tigerair Taiwan has canceled IT-230 from Taoyuan to Naha, Okinawa, IT-231 from Naha to Taoyuan, IT-232 Taoyuan to Naha, IT-233 Naha to Taoyuan, IT-288 Kaohsiung to Naha and IT-289 Naha to Kaohsiung.

Passengers are advised to check on the Tigerair Taiwan website at for the latest information.

EVA Airways, one of Taiwan's largest airlines, has canceled many flights scheduled to depart from Taoyuan on Thursday, including BR178 to Osaka, BR891 to Hong Kong, BR225 to Singapore, BR198 to Tokyo (Narita), BR237 to Jakarta, BR807 to Macau, BR391 to Ho Chi Minh City, BR227 to Kuala Lumpur, BR138 to Hakodate, BR712 to Shanghai (Pudong) and BR728 to Hohhot.

Detailed information on the cancellations of EVA Air flights is available at the airline's website.

Meanwhile, Vietnam Airlines canceled VN576 and VN577 between Hanoi and Taipei on Wednesday.

Vietnam Airlines Thursday flights VN571 from Taipei to Ho Chi Minh City and VN579 from Taipei to Hanoi will be delayed until 10:05 p.m. and 10:10 p.m. respectively.

Vietnam Airlines reminds passengers to check the status of their flights before leaving for the airport.

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(By Wei-shu, Fan Ching-I, Flor Wang and William Yen)