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Major notebook computer makers' shipments may rise 20% in September

2012/09/22 18:54:50

Taipei, Sept. 22 (CNA) Shipments of the four major Taiwanese contract notebook computer makers for September are expected to rise about 20 percent from a month earlier on the back of the launch of Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system, market analysts said Saturday.

As the Windows 8 operating system will make its debut on Oct. 26, international notebook computer brands are likely to issue large orders to the four contract manufacturers in the supply chain in late September for the launch of their new models equipped with the new Microsoft device, they said.

In addition to the effect of the Windows 8 debut, the inventory level of the notebook computer business has hit a recent low to lift demand after recent efforts in adjustments, they added.

The four major contract notebook computers in Taiwan are Quanta Computer Inc., Compal Electronics Inc., Wistron Corp., and Inventec Corp.

Significant growth in shipments from the four notebook computer makers is expected to continue into October, analysts said.

Quanta, the world's largest notebook computer ODM services provider, said there are signs of a recovery in shipments in September due to the planned launch of new models and a subsequent shift from stagnated demand seen over the previous two months.

The company said it expects its shipments for September will reach at least 5.2 million units, up more than 20 percent from August, to push the third quarter shipments to an amount close to the second quarter level of 13.90 million units.

Quanta's shipments in July and August totaled 4.5 million units and 4.2 million, respectively, according to Quanta.

Market analysts said although Quanta's shipments for the third quarter could stay little changed from the second quarter, a rise in product prices is expected to boost the company's sales for the July-September period by 15-20 percent from a quarter earlier.

In the second quarter, Quanta posted NT$237.52 billion in sales, up 0.5 percent from the first quarter.

Wistron said a recovery in shipments for September is expected to help the company boost the total for the third quarter to a level similar to the second quarter's 7.8 million units or slightly higher than that amount.

The company said shipment growth for October is likely to become more obvious when consumers resume buying after the launch of new Windows 8 models.

However, market sentiment toward the entire fourth quarter remains cautious with many analysts watching closely whether the effect of the new Windows 8 models will keep stirring up buying interest amid the weakness of the world's economic fundamentals.

(By Han Ting-ting and Frances Huang)