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No brand comes without a cost: HTC

2012/07/04 17:13:53

Taipei, July 4 (CNA) Taiwanese smartphone vendor HTC Corp. had to pay high costs to go from being a contract phone manufacturer to a branded company, but it was the "right" decision, an HTC executive said Wednesday.

"It was a big decision to have our own brand. And we knew that having a brand would raise negative opinions from the market," said HTC Chief Marketing Officer John Wang, in response to questions at the Taiwan International Branding Forum.

He said the reason HTC decided to start a brand in 2006 was simple -- it was needed to support innovation and interact directly with consumers.

Doing the "right thing," however, usually comes at a cost, and people have to consider whether or not to do it based on the cost they need to pay, Wang said.

For HTC, the biggest blow was a US$1.5 billion drop in the company's market value within one month after it announced it would create its own brand in 2006, according to Wang.

"That was what we needed to pay for," he said. "Most companies might not be able to endure such a cost, but we were willing to pay for our brand because it was the right thing."

Asked about which company would be HTC's major competitor in the future, Wang said HTC always focuses on making its own products instead of thinking about its competitors.

The company's main approach, he said, was to look at things from consumers' perspectives to be able to deliver more positive surprises to its customers.

(By Jeffrey Wu)