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Enterprises reminded to guard their intellectual property rights

2012/04/30 16:09:51

Taipei, April 30 (CNA) Legal experts from major enterprises such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Microsoft Taiwan Corp. reminded other Taiwanese companies Monday about the importance of protecting their intellectual property rights.

Suggesting that they outline strategies and deploy resources to accumulate and protect such property, Richard Thurston, a TSMC senior vice president and general counsel responsible for legal and intellectual property management, said it is never too late to own high-quality patents.

At an international conference on patent law and lawsuits concerning patent disputes, Thurston said that holding high-quality intellectual properties, even if only few in number, is vital for a new company seeking competitiveness.

To be able to stay in business, companies need to invest effort into acquiring such assets, he said.

Speaking at the same conference, Microsoft Taiwan's legal director, Vincent Shih, said that holding intellectual property rights can help enterprises earn money with which they can further boost their research and innovation development.

This kind of circular investment, he went on, provides a good environment in which enterprises can grow.

Reminding local companies of the importance of investment aimed at acquiring intellectual property rights, Shih also suggested that businesses refrain from scattering their intellectual property throughout different departments.

Enterprises must keep careful tabs on the extent and content of their intellectual property and use such property well, he added.

According to Shih, the global commercial environment is like an amphitheater in which business enterprises fight each other for survival and earnings. This being the case, intellectual property is a weapon that is necessary for both attack and defense, Shih said.

(By Wu Chia-ying and Elizabeth Hsu)