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Taiwan, China to cooperate on digital content

2010/09/07 19:28:05

Taipei, Sept. 7 (CNA) Taiwanese and Chinese companies in thedigital content industry forged partnerships Tuesday to seek greaterbusiness opportunities, as Taiwan aims to include the industry in anew round of Taiwan-China trade talks in the coming months.

Representatives of Taiwan's e-Reading Industry Promotion Allianceand the China Electronic Reading Industry Association signedagreements to promote cooperation among e-reader makers, gamingcompanies and publishers at a conference in Taipei.

It was the first time Taiwan and China had held such a conferenceon cooperation in digital content, although there have been intensiveexchanges in the field between the two sides recently, theconference's honorary chairman, Woody Duh, told reporters.

"Taiwan's cultural innovative industry has been growing rapidlyover the past several years and digital content is part of this, " henoted.

In 2009, Taiwan's digital content industry had an output ofNT$460.3 billion (US$14.4 billion) , representing growth of 17.6percent on average from the previous year, he said.

Gaming, animation, digital learning and digital publicationposted an especially higher average annual growth rate of nearly 36percent for the year, he said.

Duh said China is now Taiwan's most important market due to itshuge size and similar language and culture.

"If the two sides of the Taiwan Strait can cooperate intechnology, standardization, market and product development, it willbe of great help to Taiwan's digital content providers," he said.

Duh, who is also head of the Industrial Development Bureau underthe Ministry of Economic Affairs, said the government will try toplace the digital content industry on the agenda of the next round oftalks under the recently signed economic cooperation frameworkagreement (ECFA) between Taiwan and China.

"Early next year, the two sides will hold negotiations on tradein services under the ECFA and we will be seeking to have the digitalcontent industry added to the agenda, " he said.

"Our goal is to facilitate the entry of Taiwanese businesses intoChina's digital content market," the official said.

In her opening address at the conference, Xu Xiaolan, vicepresident of the China Center for Information Industry Development,who was heading the Chinese delegation, said Taiwan and China eachhave their own advantages and can complement each other.

"China provides a good environment for the development of thedigital content industry as it has abundant human resources, soundinfrastructure and preferential policy measures," she said.

"Meanwhile, Taiwan has rich experience in technology innovation,creative planning and market promotion in the field, " she said,adding that there is ample room for cooperation.

While highlighting the importance of cross-strait collaboration,the organizers of the conference also urged Taiwanese and Chinesecompanies to work together to explore foreign markets.

"It is hoped that the cooperation between the digital contentindustries in Taiwan and China will pave way for exploringinternational markets together in the future, " said Lee Chih-kung,chief executive of the Institute for Information Industry.

The Taiwan government has vowed to boost the industry's outputvalue to NT$780 billion and the value of international cooperationprojects to NT$14 billion by 2013.

(By Alex Jiang)