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Chinese activist praises Taiwan's role in global democratization

2017/12/06 19:01:21

Chinese writer and democracy activist Yu Jie (余杰, back left)

Taipei, Dec. 6 (CNA) Chinese writer and democracy activist Yu Jie (余杰) underscored during a recent interview with CNA the important role that Taiwan plays in the global democratic process.

According to the famous Chinese dissident, Taiwan has essentially become the only place in Asia where Chinese dissidents can publish their work.

Yu said that he previously published his work, much of which is critical of the Chinese government, in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but after the Causeway Bay Books disappearances in which five staff members went missing and were later confirmed to have been detained in China, Taiwan became the only place for him to publish his work.

"If there were no Taiwan, my writing would be at serious risk (of not being published)," Yu said.

He therefore called Taiwan "democracy's key that can open up a dark East Asia," saying that from a value standpoint, Taiwan is the bigger country compared to China.

Given Taiwan's history with the Spanish, the Dutch, the Japanese and the Chinese, the country is extremely culturally diverse, allowing all groups of people in the country to peacefully co-exist, he said.

Yu expressed hope that Taiwan can pass a Refugee Act as soon as possible, to better assist refugees from around the world, especially political refugees.

(By Miao Zong-han and Kuan-lin Liu)