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Treat Chinese official courteously: Taiwanese businessmen

2014/06/23 19:44:18

Shanghai, June 23 (CNA) The head of a Taiwanese association operating in Shanghai on Monday appealed to people in Taiwan to treat Zhang Zhijun, the head of China's Taiwan Affairs Office, with civility.

Yeh Hui-te, who also serves as the deputy chief of the Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises on the Mainland, said that a lack of cross-strait exchanges would be bad for Taiwanese businessmen operating in China.

Although a massive protest against the Taiwan-China trade-in-services pact in March was a setback, it also demonstrated that Taiwan is a pluralistic society and should be treated as such, he said.

"The more there is opposition, the more there should be communication," Yeh said.

Zhang's visit to Taiwan from June 25 to 28 is the first-ever visit by China's top Taiwan policymaker, and Zhang mainly wants to visit central and southern Taiwan, visit small and medium-sized enterprises, and meet lower income people and youngsters, Yeh said.

"This is an extension of an olive branch, and Taiwan should also make its appeals in a rational manner," he said.

Just as Taiwanese people don't want to see Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council chief Wang Yu-chi having a shoe thrown at him during a visit to China, Taiwan should also show Zhang courtesy as a guest, Yeh said.

Lee Cheng-hung, deputy head of the association of Taiwanese businessmen operating in Shanghai, also urged Taiwan not to oppose things simply because they are Chinese.

Zhang is making a reciprocal visit in the wake of Wang's trip to China in February.

Several groups, including pro-Taiwanese independence activists and Taiwanese investors who said they were victimized in China, have vowed to tail Zhang wherever he goes during his visit in Taiwan.

(By Eva Feng and Lilian Wu)