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Canadian magician wows Taipei with science-based magic

2013/01/25 18:27:46

Taipei, Jan. 25 (CNA) Canadian magician Billy Kidd astounded a Taipei audience Friday with a routine of science-based tricks during an event to promote a new TV series that purports to "fuse science with magic."

Kidd demonstrated several routines, including how to pick up a glass full of rice with a knife and command a straw to spin, to the awe of some 300 magic fans and children.

She is on a two-day visit to Taiwan to promote a new 9-part Discovery Channel series titled "Magic of Science," in which she and three other magicians use scientific principles to create illusions.

The magician told reporters on the sidelines of the event that the most difficult routines in the show are those that involve chemical reactions, as those are the hardest to control.

Kidd, 30, who specializes in street magic, said she began learning magic at the age of 23. Before becoming a magician, she was an actor.

She encouraged children and youngsters aspiring to be magicians to "keep practicing" and performing their magic in front of people.

Huang Ying, 19, came to the event with magic club members from his university.

He said he sometimes uses mechanical devices such as gearwheels in his magic, but is interested in learning more about science to develop new tricks.

Josh Chang, 10, who came with his classmates, said he likes science more than magic, but thought the tricks were fun.

He said he especially liked a trick where Kidd made water disappear from one of three cups.

The "Magic of Science" is broadcast locally every Thursday.

(By Christie Chen)