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China confirms suspected adenovirus infection outbreak: CDC

2012/02/24 19:54:00

Taipei, Feb. 24 (CNA) An outbreak of disease that is causing a stir in the Chinese online community is not SARS but adenovirusinfection, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed Fridayafter checking with the Chinese health authorities.

China told the CDC that the suspected outbreak in Hebei Province was in fact adenovirus type 55 infection, CDC Deputy Director-GeneralChou Chih-hau said.

China, however, did not reveal the scale of the epidemic to Taiwan.

Chou said that adenovirus infection is easy to treat and that the CDC does not need to investigate any further.

Adenovirus type 55 infection was first discovered in China’s Shaanxi Province in 2006. Of 254 high school students treated for the infection, only one died.

There is no record of adenovirus type 55 infection in Taiwan, according to CDC statistics.

Many Chinese netizens have voiced concern over a possible pandemic of SARS in a military hospital in Hebei, according to alocal daily newspaper published a day earlier.

Bloggers alleged that hundreds have been hospitalized in isolation wards and that at least one person has died of the disease, the newspaper report said.

(By Nancy Liu)