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COA turns unwanted squid skin into health supplement

2011/06/04 21:09:25

Taipei, June 4 (CNA) Squid skin is normally thrown away, but theFisheries Research Institute announced recently that it has found away to use it to produce functional peptides that can be sold ashealth care products or supplements.

The institute under the Council of Agriculture (COA) saidSaturday that in tests, functional peptides made from squid skinshowed positive effects in slowing down the aging process and easingblood pressure.

It said the peptides had not only proved safe but also activatedneuron cells to help improve learning and reduce memory lossassociated with aging.

Squid skin is mainly used as feed or simply thrown away as wasteand is generally considered to be an unusable marine resource,meaning plenty is available. According to the institute, for every150,000 metric tons of squid, there are 15,000 tons of skin.

The institute said that the composites of dried squid skincontain 70 percent protein and 13 percent sugar, and the full use ofthe skin will cut waste and give it economic value.

(By Yang Shu-min and Lilian Wu)