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Civic groups to hold anti-nuclear rallies

2011/04/07 19:51:18

Taipei, April 7 (CNA) Dozens of civic groups will launch paradesand rallies around the country at the end of this month to demand aphasing out of Taiwan's nuclear power plants.

"Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster proves thatnuclear power is not 100 percent safe, " said Ku Chung-hwa, chairmanof the Citizens' Congress Watch, at a Thursday press conference.

"We now have the participation of nearly 30 groups in the fieldsof environmental protection, education and human rights, " said TsueiSu-hsin, secretary-general of Green Citizen Action's Alliance.

"We have also received positive responses from many places aroundthe country," she added.

As part of the "Sunflower Anti-nuclear Action" campaign, the

parades and rallies will take place in northern, central,southern and eastern Taiwan on April 30, Tsuei said.

The campaign is aimed at demanding that the government review itsenergy and industrial policies, according to the organizers.

(By Hsu Chi-wei and Alex Jiang)