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Taiwan businessman donates US$12.35m to Japan

2011/03/23 21:34:58

Taipei, March 23 (CNA) Evergreen Group Chairman Chang Yung-fadonated 1 billion Japanese yen (US$12.35 million) to Japan Wednesdayto help with its post-disaster reconstruction.

Chang presented the money via Evergreen Japan Corp. to the JapanRed Cross Society as a personal donation.

He said the scale of damage from the March 11 earthquake andsubsequent tsunami in northeastern Japan had left him sleepless.

"I was overwhelmed and couldn't sleep when I watched the daily TVcoverage on the disaster," Chang said.

Chang said that he was moved to tears when he saw the reports of70-odd elderly people who had lost all their family members in thedisaster.

"The post-disaster reconstruction cannot be completed in three orfive years -- it will take at least 10 years," Chang said.

It will have an impact on the economy of Japan, if not the wholeworld, he said.

Right after the disaster, Chang directed Evergreen to transportrescue teams and relief supplies by air or sea to the affected areasand to give priority cargo space to the relief goods.

Now that the rescue work has largely ended, Chang has decided todonate money to help with Japan's reconstruction.

"If necessary, I will provide further assistance through theChang Jung-fa Foundation," he said.

Chang also expressed his admiration for the orderly conduct andresilience of the Japanese people in the affected areas, particularlythose who had to queue for rationed food.

As of Monday, Taiwan had collected more than NT$1.5 billion(US$50.7 million), including a government donation of NT$100 million,for Japan's disaster relief.

Donation drives for Japan are still ongoing in Taiwan.

(By Wang Shu-fen and Lilian Wu)
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