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Official explanation of election eve shooting 'unacceptable': Lien

2011/01/21 22:46:38

Taipei, Jan. 21 (CNA) Sean Lien, the son of former Vice PresidentLien Chan, said through his lawyers on Friday that prosecutors'explanation of the shooting that left him hospitalized for 10 dayswas "unacceptable, " and he continued to insist he was the gunman'smain target.

After nearly a two month-long investigation, the Banciao DistrictProsecutors Office on Friday handed down indictments on attemptedmurder and manslaughter charges against suspect Lin Cheng-wei,nicknamed "Horse Face," and recommended he be sentenced to death.

According to the prosecutors, Lin acted alone on Nov. 26 when hefired one shot that went through Lien's face and killed an innocentbystander at a campaign rally for New Taipei City Council candidateChen Hung-yuan.

Their indictment contends that Lin intended to kill Chen out ofrevenge because of an unsettled dispute with the candidate's familybut shot Lien after mistaking him for Chen.

Lien, a rising star in the Kuomintang, has repeatedly said,however, that he was the real target of the shooting because Lincalled his name and cursed at him before firing the shot.

The prosecutors said they were not able to prove Lien's claimbecause video footage of the incident failed to provide clear voicerecognition of Lin.

But Lien insisted on his version of events, arguing that he wouldhave never turned his head unless he heard someone calling his name.

Calling the result of the prosecutors' investigation "ridiculous"and "unacceptable, " Lien's attorney Liu Chung-hsin said the publicwould never be able to swallow such a conclusion, and he urged theNational Security Bureau and Special Investigation Division to takeover the case.

Another of Lien's attorneys said that according to the video,Lien was the only person who turned his head when Lin ran up frombehind the stage, an indication that Lin indeed called Lien's name.

Lien's friend Lee Teh-wei, a member of the KMT Central StandingCommittee who spoke on behalf of Lien, said the entire case had toomany elements that were politically related, and prosecutors couldnot jump to the conclusion that the assailant was motivated purely bya monetary dispute.

The shooting took place at an election rally on Nov. 26, thenight before five major special municipality races were held, atYonghe Elementary School.

Lien was the invited as a special guest to stump for Chen, whowas eventually successful in his re-election bid.

Chen also questioned prosecutors' version of events, saying hisfamily never had any contact with Lin.

(By Jenny W. Hsu)