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Taiwanese bands to perform at MIDEM in Cannes

2011/01/12 22:35:46

Taipei, Jan. 12 (CNA) Taiwan's music will reach a wider audiencein France when three indie bands representing Taiwan perform live atthis year's Marche International du Disque et de l'Edition Musicale(MIDEM) in Cannes later this month, Government Information Office(GIO) announced in Taipei Wednesday.

Rock band "1976," indigenous singer/songwriter "Suming Rupi," andindie singer/composer "Deserts Chang" are scheduled to give a liveconcert at the MIDEM on Jan. 24, which is designated "Taiwan Night."

Prior to their debut at the prominent music fair, the three actswill give a live performance in Nouveau Casino in Paris on Jan. 21,the GIO added.

While 1976 and Deserts Chang will discover French musical scenefor the first time, Suming Rupi said he is prepared to rock theFrench music fans with the traditional chanting and newly-writtenindigenous music.

Suming, from the Amis tribe, was selected by the Tourism Bureauas Taiwan's music ambassador to France last year, and embarked on amonth-long journey touring French cities of Paris, Nantes andChambery.

He told Central News Agency that French people are not familiarwith Taiwan's music scene when he performed live there, and manytended to confuse Taiwan with Thailand.

Therefore, he would put on the traditional Amis costumes, playinga few tunes of indigenous music to attract listeners' attention, andeventually lure French people to know more about himself and Taiwan."I was very inspired by the diverse culture and music of France, andI can't wait for the upcoming French trip," he said.

According to the GIO, 18 Taiwanese record companies will takepart in the MIDEM 2011, the premier music trade fair, which will runfrom Jan. 22-26.

GIO Minister Johnny Chi-chen Chiang said Taiwan has played apivotal role in the development of popular Chinese music for the past60 years, and that 80 percent of the music created or produced in theChinese-speaking areas came from Taiwan.

"But given the impact of online music download, the local musicindustry has to seek international collaboration and promotion, " headded.

MIDEM is the world's largest music industry trade fair, which hasbeen held annually at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France,since 1967.

Bringing together musicians, businesspeople, cultural policymakers, and journalists from many countries, MIDEM provides a forumfor business talks, discussing political and legal issues, andshowcasing new artists, musical trends and music-related products.

In spite of a large number of concerts, MIDEM considers itselfprimarily a marketplace where the artists present are those whoeither run an enterprise of their own, or have been invited topromote companies.

(By Hermia Lin)