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Taiwan's `Super Card' wows model U.N. delegates

2010/03/16 17:47:40

Taipei, March 16 (CNA) Taiwanese students organizing an annualactivity simulating United Nations meetings have capitalized onTaiwan's technological strength to introduce a multifunctional cardto the event for the first time, impressing the 1,800 participatingforeign students.

"We were given many tickets when we attended the event in thepast, which could be really confusing, " Jason Hou, a National TaiwanUniversity (NTU) student in charge of the event, said Tuesday. "Thisyear, we launched what we called the `Super Card,' which helps reducethe use of paper," he noted.

The card serves as an ID card for each student and as a ticket tothe many activities they will attend on the sidelines of themeetings, he explained.

The card for the 19th event of its kind, taking place in Taipeifor the first time, is modeled on the NTU student card and the EasyCard for Taipei's public transport, and also functions as a mealcoupon, Hou said.

The students can also use the card on city buses or the MRTsystem, as money can be stored on it, he added.

The card is also useful in helping the organizers understand thebackground of any foreign student who comes to them for assistance,as the card stores the student's information, he said.

"It is the first time the WorldMUN (World Model United Nations)has used this technology," Hou said.

Hou also pointed out that many schools in Taiwan already use asimilar card.

"This type of card is one of Taiwan's best technologies and wemust let foreigners see it," he said.

Fatima Tariq, a United Arab Emirates University studentrepresenting the Marshall Islands at the event, said using the cardis a good experience.

Ami Nash, the Harvard University student in charge of the event,said that "it shows the level of planning of the host team and thelevel of technological innovation Taipei is capable of."

"I think some of the delegates were in a state of disbelief whenthey first saw all that this small card can do," she said.

(By Alex Jiang)