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Taiwanese film director indicted for sexual assault
【Society】2019-02-01  19:16:55
Taipei, Feb. 1 (CNA) Taiwanese film director Doze Niu (鈕承澤) was indicted on a charge of forcible sexual intercourse Friday after DNA in saliva taken from the victim's chest was confirmed to be a match for him, following earlier confirmation of injury to the woman's genitals.

Taipei District Prosecutors Office asked the court to take into consideration Niu's refusal to take responsibility for his actions when sentencing.

Under Taiwanese law, the offense of forcible sexual intercourse comes with a sentence of no less than three years but not more than 10.

According to the office's press release, the alleged assault happened last November following a meeting at Niu's home in Taipei after other guests had left.

After being assaulted, the woman cowered on the sofa until Niu eventually let her leave, the prosecutors office said.

Accompanied by her roommate, the woman went to hospital to establish proof of the assault and reported the incident to the police the next day, the press release added.

DNA in saliva taken from the woman's chest was confirmed as being Niu's and that together with lacerations to her genitals and pressure bruises on her arms and legs is consistent with the woman's allegations, it said.

The 52-year-old director denied the allegation, saying that he and the woman had feelings for each other.

It was a misunderstanding, he later added.

Commenting on the women's allegation, Niu said he could not recall what happened as he was intoxicated at the time.

However, according to statements by witnesses and instant messaging app chat history, the prosecutor found the two were not in contact outside work and there was never any display of affection between them.

The prosecutor believes Niu sexually assaulted the woman because he had feelings for her, misjudged the feelings of the victim or was under the influence of alcohol, none of which are sufficient to justify a reduced sentence.

The prosecutor also asked the court to consider Niu's account of the incident when determining the sentence, as it demonstrates no remorse or understanding of the harm caused to the victim.

Niu also suggested there was contributory negligence on the part of the woman, said the news release.

Niu, best known for his 2010 film Monga, started his acting career at the age of 9. He was 17 when he was nominated for his first Golden Horse Award in 1983 for Growing Up.

(By Hsiao Po-wen and Chung Yu-chen)
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