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U.S. F-18 fighters depart Taiwan after repairs completed
【Politics】2015-04-03  13:38:53
Taipei, April 3 (CNA) Two American F-18 fighters departed Taiwan Friday afternoon, after making an emergency landing at a Taiwanese air force base two days earlier due to a mechanical problem in one of the aircraft, Taiwan's Air Force said.

U.S. maintenance personnel arrived at the Tainan Air Force Base in southern Taiwan late Thursday and completed the work Friday morning. The two fighters left for their base in Kadena Airfield, Okinawa after repairs were completed, an Air Force official said.

Taking off from Japan, the fighters from U.S. Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 323 (VMFA-323) were en route to Singapore to participate in Commando Sling, an air-to-air exercise with Singapore, when one of them had "a persistent engine oil pressure warning light," a spokesman for U.S. Marine Corps said.

The landing of the F-18s was a rarity because the United States does not have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan, and its military aircraft do not use air bases in Taiwan.

(By Elaine Hou; click here for the updated story)

Safety the reason for F-18 landing in Taiwan: U.S. military
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