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Metro attacker sentenced to death (update)
【Society】2015-03-06  18:01:42
Taipei, March 6 (CNA) A university student in his early 20s who allegedly killed four people and injured more than 20 passengers in a stabbing spree on a Taipei subway train last May has been sentenced to death.

The New Taipei District Court gave the defendant, Cheng Chieh (鄭捷), multiple death sentences, one for each of his four victims, and other jail sentences ranging from five years and two months to eight years for his attacks on the 22 people he injured.

The ruling also deprived Cheng of his civil rights for the rest of his life.

The court's verdict can be appealed.

Appearing in court, Cheng showed no reaction when his sentences were announced.

Some family members of the deceased who were present in court welcomed the verdict, saying that giving Cheng the death penalty met public expectations.

Cheng used two knives to take the lives of four passengers seated closest to him -- some asleep -- on a moving train and went on to attack others in four carriages, injuring 22 people on May 21.

He was subdued by police and metro staff after the train pulled into Jiangzicui Station in New Taipei, and he has been detained ever since.

New Taipei prosecutors sought the death penalty for Cheng when indicting him on multiple counts of murder and attempted murder in July after a months-long investigation.

(By Sunrise Huang, Wang Hung-kuo, Wang Chao-yu and Elaine Hou)
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