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Ma urges Beijing to listen to Hong Kongers' voices
【Politics】2014-09-29  12:10:47
Taipei, Sept. 29 (CNA) President Ma Ying-jeou on Monday called on the Chinese authorities to listen to the voice of Hong Kong citizens and to deal peacefully and cautiously with the pro-democracy protest by tens of thousands of people in the special administrative region.

Ma also urged the Hong Kong protesters to express their views in a rational and peaceful way, saying that conflict is something no one wishes to see.

The president made the calls while addressing the opening of an annual meeting of the World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Taipei.

Clashes broke out Sunday between police and protesters in Hong Kong during a demonstration for universal suffrage, with police using pepper spray on protesters who attempted to break police cordons. Tear gas was later fired in an attempt to disperse the crowds.

Ma said that having implemented democratic elections a long time ago, Taiwan "fully understands and supports" Hong Kong residents' demand for universal suffrage.

Noting that Hong Kong is one of the world's most important financial centers, he said political turmoil there can affect the entire Asian region and even the rest of the world.

"We urge mainland authorities to listen to the voices of the people of Hong Kong and deal with the matter in a peaceful and cautious manner, "he said. "We also urge Hong Kong residents to use peaceful and rational means to express their views."

The rest of the world is hoping that Hong Kong can gradually move toward democracy, he added.

"We believe that the realization of universal suffrage will be a win-win scenario for both Hong Kong and mainland China," Ma said.

(By Kelven Huang and Y.F. Low)

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