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Taiwan makes top-10 list of most pessimistic countries in 2012
【Society】2013-07-22  23:30:42
Taipei, July 22 (CNA) Taiwan was one of two Asian countries, along with Singapore, that ranked among the 10 most pessimistic countries in the world in 2012, according to a Gallup poll on peoples' satisfaction with their lives.

A total of 26 percent of the Taiwanese surveyed rated their future lives worse than the current lives, the fifth highest among people from 141 countries and areas surveyed by Gallup in 2012.

Singapore was the ninth most pessimistic country of the world with 24 percent of respondents expecting their lives in five years to be worse than their present ones, according to the poll results which were published on Gallup's website on July 18.

Japan ranked 12th with 22 percent of the surveyed expecting a worse future, according to the poll.

Greece remained the most pessimistic country in the world in 2012, with 38 percent of respondents expecting a worse future than present. They were followed by the Czechs at 33 percent and Slovenians at 32 percent, the survey found.

Gallup said it found that Europeans as a whole, and many residents in southern and eastern European countries in particular, were still feeling the effects of the ongoing economic crisis, and that peoples' satisfaction with their current lives continued to be low.

People living in other parts of the world were much more optimistic about their futures.

"Compared with Africa or Asia, where people see their future in brighter terms, many Europeans remain skeptical that their life situation will improve in the future," Gallup said in an analysis of the survey's results.

The survey was conducted through telephone and face-to-face interviews with approximately 1,000 adults per country aged 15 and older. The margin of error ranged from a low of plus or minus 1.6 percentage points to a high of plus or minus 5.6 percentage points.

According to Gallup, it asked the respondents to rate their current and future lives on a ladder scale with steps numbered from zero to 10.

Those who rated their future lives higher than their current lives were labeled as optimistic and those who rated their future lives lower were described as pessimistic.

(By Elizabeth Hsu)
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