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New Tide remains largest faction inside DPP
【Politics】2012-07-15  22:23:16
Taipei, July 15 (CNA) The New Tide remained the largest faction inside the main opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) following elections of the party's Central Executive Committee and Central Standing Committee members Sunday.

The New Tide won three seats in the 10-member Central Standing Committee (CSC), with Yu Shyi-kun and Frank Hsieh factions each snatching two seats.

The other three CSC seats went to Chen Chu faction, Green Friendship Alliance and Su Tseng-chang faction.

The three New Tide members in the DPP's policy-making CSC are Tuan Yi-kang, Yen Hsiao-ching and Wu Sze-yao. The faction is usually looked at as the "king making" force inside the party.

Former Premier Yu Shyi-kun managed to land a CSC job, with Chen Ting-fei joining him in the committee.

Former Premier Frank Hsieh and Kuan Bi-ling were elected into the committee, tying for the "second largest faction" with the Yu faction.

Chen Chu faction's Lee Ching-fu, Su Tseng-chang faction's Tsai Hsien-hao and the Green Friendship Alliance's Ho Chih-wei will represent their respective faction's interest in the party.

The 10 CSC members were elected from among the 30 Central Executive Committee members, who voted for each other or self.

Chen Sheng-hung, chairman of the party's Central Review Committee, was re-elected for another term.

The elections of all three committees took place after the party held a congress the same day.

(By Justin Su, Sophia Yeh, Wen Kui-hsiang and S.C. Chang)
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