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New book helps English readers understand Taiwan history
【Culture】2011-03-01  22:43:40
Taipei, March 1 (CNA) Senior journalist and former diplomat Joe Hung will launch his new book, "A New History of Taiwan, " Friday that will help English readers gain a good understanding of Taiwan's history, organizers said Tuesday.

The book launch will be held at the Central News Agency, where Hung is serving as chairman.

Hung, whose Chinese name is Hung Chien-chao, has 50 years of experience as a journalist, including stints as CNA's foreign correspondent, vice president and president. He has also served as the Taiwan government's representative to Italy.

In his new book, written in English, Hung tells of many captivating events in Taiwan's history that are little known to the public, including a short-lived period of Taiwanese independence right after Taiwan was ceded to Japan in 1895.

Tang Ching-sung, then Taiwan's governor, declared the birth of the Republic of Taiwan and acted as the new republic's president. Taiwan flew a flag with "a yellow tiger on a blue background" as its national flag until Japanese occupation forces overwhelmed the resistance 12 days later.

According to the book, Taiwan had since the 17th century been ruled by the Netherlands, Koxinga of Ming Dynasty, Manchuria, and Japan before coming under the Republic of China banner. As a result, Taiwan has developed into a multicultural society over the years. (By Tsai Hsin-hua and S.C. Chang) enditem/ly

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