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Taiwan headline news

2018/09/16 10:26:11

Taipei, Sept. 16 (CNA) The lead stories in major Taiwan dailies on Sunday are as follows:

@United Daily News: Top government branches decide no personnel reshuffle will be performed to the Transitional Justice Commission under the Executive Yuan in the wake of vice chairman Chang Tien-chin's resignation.

@China Times: Political appointment of persons to serve on diplomatic posts kills professional diplomat; Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Wu urges people not to rub salt in a wound.

@Liberty Times: Fake news are a systematic attack. President Tsai Ing-wen describes such reports as being made to create confrontation.

@Apple Daily: Former Vice President Lien Chan's daughter Ariel Lien is married to 47-year-old British photographer in a simple and humble ceremony in London, the United Kingdom.

@Economic Daily News: 14 listed companies record growing revenues, which are expected to fuel the rise of their stock prices.

@Commercial Times: 16 stocks are promising thanks to good perspectives in fundamental, technical and leverage factors.

@Taipei Times: China using fake news to divide Taiwan