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Talk of the Day: Campaign to recall KMT legislators picks up momentum

2014/05/04 17:50:02

A campaign to recall leading legislators of the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) is picking up momentum Saturday, after its organizers said they had raised the funds needed for the recall attempts.

The following are excerpts from local newspaper's coverage of the recall attempt on Sunday.

Liberty Times :

The recall campaign, called the Appendectomy Project, which sounds in Chinese similar to cutting off legislators of blue-the color of the Kuomintang-- was started during the student-led protest against the trade-in-service pact by sympathizers of the protesters.

The organizers said the only way to stop the ruling party, which dominates the Legislature, to push the controversial pact through the Legislature is to remove its lawmakers from offices by a vote.

Lin Tzu-yi, a spokesman for the project, said Saturday that they chose Legislators Tsai Cheng-yuan, Lin Hung-chih and Wu Yu-sheng as the primary targets, following an on-line vote by netizens.

China Times:

To initiate a recall, the organizers should first seek endorsements of more than 2 percent of the eligible voters in each of the three legislators's constituencies for a petition for recall, then 13 percent of eligible voters's support for a recall proposal, before such a vote could be staged.

To test the voters' response, the organizers have called for donations of funds to finance their attempts, and have collected the NT$ 2.5 million they need for the campaign, as of 8 p.m. Saturday.

The organizers said they will organize marches in the constituencies of the three lawmakers to seek public support for their campaign.

United Daily News:

Wu Yu-sheng, who had been targeted in an unsuccessful recall campaign earlier this year, said the campaign is doomed to fail again due to a lack of support.

Tsai Cheng-yuan said these organizers, mainly students, should pay more attention to their studies than politics, or they might not be able to find a job after leaving schools.

Lin Hung-chih took the threat of a recall in stride, saying that these people's attempts to silence people with different opinions is a travesty of democracy and they will never succeed.

(By Maubo Chang)